First Release Version         
Fix formatting problem of INSERT-VALUES statement         
Fixed an issue that generates an error when generating Postback after no operation for a fixed time         
Change the Description of the Web Page         
No line feed immediately after WHERE clause         
Improved INSERT-VALUES statement formatting         
Improved INSERT-SELECT statement formatting         
Set favicon.ico         
Fix the broken form of the JOIN operation enclosed in parentheses         
Improved that postback does not occur by pressing the delete button         
Improved that postback does not occur by pressing SQL formatting button         
Fixed bug that formatted newline character is converted to
in Firefox         
Add the function of pre- and post-additional strings         
Improved to parse PostgreSQL's ILIKE operator         
Fix the break of formatting in ON clause of MERGE statement         
Fix to highlight error line         
Improved to parse REPLACE statement         
Add PostgreSQL CAST operator "::", add JSON related operator         
Dark Mode compatible         
Create English version of page
Improved to parse some table hint syntax of Microsoft SQL Server
Change the grammar so that the INTO clause of the MERGE statement can be omitted
Change the syntax so that you can write a DO UPDATE clause in a PostgreSQL INSERT statement